• Creating a custom LayoutManager (part 3)

    In this third and final part of the RecyclerView LayoutManager blog we’ll take a look at some of the extra features we added. These are not required to build a LayoutManager, but add some useful functionality.

  • Creating a custom LayoutManager (part 2)

    In this second part of the RecyclerView LayoutManager blog we’ll talk about the changes we made to Google’s basic LinearLayoutManager to arrive at the LayoutManager used in the AD.nl app.

  • Creating a custom LayoutManager

    In this series of posts we’ll talk about Android’s LayoutManager. We’ll explain it’s role and functionality and talk about how we used it to improve a core function of one of our apps.

    This first part will talk about the LayoutManager’s concepts and how they are used to display a simple list of items in a RecyclerView.

  • iBeacon Scanner Android

    In the context of the Harald beacon platform, we recently released a minimal open source library for monitoring iBeacons on Android. The library is named `iBeacon Scanner Android’ and can be found on our Github account.

    In this post we describe our motivation behind the iBeacon Scanner Android library, how it can be used and how it performs in comparison to other beacon scanning libraries.

  • ITP Academy: Getting Started with Virtual Reality

    We recently hosted our second ITP Academy event all about Virtual and Augmented Reality, following our hugely successful first edition about the Internet of Things. If you want to know why we are so enthusiastic about VR and everything related to it, head over to our main blog and read Frederik’s article and slides from the event. Seriously, go read them now - they’re really good.

    In short: at In The Pocket we think VR and AR are an exciting new medium that will let us experience and create content and communicate and connect with each other in ways we have never been able to do before. The technology is already deeply impressive, and will only keep improving. We are confident that in the coming years, VR and AR will start playing a vitally important role in our digital lives.

  • In The Pocket at Google I/O

    For the past 5 years, I’ve watched Google’s keynote on a big screen. This year however, I was lucky enough to go to Google I/O in person. This 10th anniversary edition was set in the Mountain View’s Shoreline Amphitheatre, where sunscreen was handed out on arrival since Google hosted it outside in the burning Californian sun. It didn’t really stop some people from getting a serious sunburn, but then again: it’s rather hard to get a tan staying inside watching it on YouTube.


  • Hack The Office: Chromecast based dashboards

    At In The Pocket, we recently moved to a new office in Dok Noord, Ghent. In the new office, each of our development teams has its own room, equipped with a TV & a Chromecast, so that the teams could easily project their SCRUM board during stand-up, or quickly project some code/scheme/dashboard/diagram to discuss.

    That was a nice thing, but it still left the Chromecast idle for most of the day, displaying photos. Wouldn’t it be nice if it automatically would display a slideshow of diverse dashboards? That it would alert the team in case a build failed?

    In this first Hack The Office series of posts, we’ll discuss one of the projects that was successfully engineered during our first office hackaton: Chromecast based dashboards.